Swahili - Self-Titled (2012)
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Swahili - Divergent Series Cassette (2011)

Swahili - UK Cassette Release (2011)

Swahili - Self-Released Fall Tour EP (2009)

Swahili - Self-Released Tour EP (2009)

12/17 - Mississippi Studios - Portland, OR w/ Magic Mouth

+ Past Shows
10/19 - Holocene - Portland, OR w/ Rose Windows, Eternal Tapestry
10/10 - Holland Project - Reno, NV
10/09 - Del Monte Speakeasy - Los Angeles, CA
10/08 - The Hemlock - San Francisco, CA
10/07 - Siren's Song Tavern - Eureka, CA
10/06 - Kenton Club - Portland, OR
10/05 - The Northern - Olympia, WA
10/04 - Red Gate - Vancouver, CAN w/ Midday Veil (Psych Fest)
10/03 - Swillery - Whiskeybar, WA
10/02 - The Sunset - Seattle, WA
09/17 - Holocene, Portland, OR w/ Seance Crasher - 8:30pm
07/25 - Wonder Ballroom, Portland, OR w/ The Budos Band - 8:00pm
07/12 - 75 Sunnyside Dr., Reno, NV w/ Yelsa
07/11 - Good Hurt Nightclub, Los Angeles w/ Midnight Faces, Nico's Gun, Audiocination
07/09 - Hemlock, San Francisco, CA w/ LI XI, Disappearing People - 8:30pm
06/20 - Bunk Bar, Portland, OR w/ Midday Veil
05/28 - Holocene, Portland, OR - REDEFINE magazine's 10-Year Anniversary Show w/ Phone Call, Dual Mode
05/13 - Rontom's, Portland, OR w/ Tope

12/19 - Mississippi Studios, Portland (OR) w/ Wishyunu (FREE Portland Mercury Show!)
11/02 - Replicant, Portland (OR) w/ Baron Robber
11/01 - Mississippi Studios, Portland (OR) w/ Rubblebucket, Dana Buoy
10/10 - Bunk Bar, Portland (OR) w/ Lumerians
08/14 - Mississippi Studios, Portland (OR) w/ Cloud Control
08/12 - Doug Fir, Portland (OR) w/ Nightbox and Forrest Day
07/31 - Holocene, Portland (OR) w/ Aan and Sun Angle
6/19 Holocene - Portland, (OR) w/ Mattress, XDS, Grapfruit 8pm
5/26 Rontoms - Portland, (OR) w/ Eternal Tapestry, Tartufi 8pm
5/23 The Venue - Vancouver, (BC) w/ Youth Lagoon 9pm $20
5/22 Wonder Ballroom - Portland, (OR) w/ Youth Lagoon 9pm $15
5/21 WOW Music Hall - Eugene, (OR) w/ Youth Lagoon 8pm $15
5/03 Debacle Fest @ FRED Wildlife Refuge | 127 Boylston Ave E - Seattle, (WA) 8pm $20 at door $15 advance
4/26 Mississippi Studios - Portland, (OR) w/ Marnie Stern, Sisu 8pm $12
4/10 The East End - Portland, (OR) w/ Midday Veil, Brain Fruit 8pm $5
3/07 Holocene - Portland, (OR)w/ Golden Retriever, Holy Balm, Cloaks 9pm $5

9/06 Doug Fir (MFNW) - Portland, (OR)w/ John Maus 9pm $
8/23 Rotture - Portland, (OR) w/ Lumerians. 8:30pm $5
8/14 Holocene - Portland, (OR) w/ Brainstorm and Sun Angle. 8:30pm $5
7/14 Doug Fir - Portland, (OR) w/ Young Magic, Quilt, Imaginary Cities, 8pm $10
7/12 Seattle Occultural Festival @ The Josephine Seattle, (WA) w/ Hair and Space Museum, honey.moon.tree, Kelli's Starlight Wishes . 8:30pm $5
6/14 The Know - Portland, (OR) w/ Eternal Tapestry. 8:30pm $5
6/08 The Black Lodge - Seattle, (WA) w/ Midday Veil,Glass Tunnels, Geist,The Sacred Ensemble. 9pm $
5/08 Valentines - Portland, (OR) Swahili will play a stripped down improv set. 9pm $
5/30 Holocene - Portland, (OR) w/ Gardens and Villa, Battleme, and Grandparents 8:30pm $8 advance $10 day of
3/07 The Hemlock Tavern - San Francisco, (CA) w/ Blonde Stranger and Feelings 9pm $6
3/08 Arlene Francis Center - Santa Rosa, (CA) w/ Magisterial, Gay Henry 8pm $6
3/09 Terminal - Oakland, (CA) w/ Clipd Beaks, Magisterial and Lumerians
3/10 Biko Garage - Santa Barbara, (CA) w/ Magisterial, Protect Me and Big Long Now
3/12 Pehrspace - Los Angeles, (CA) w/ Magisterial, Da Mudd Duck Crew, DJ Baglady, Trenton Willey 9:30pm $5
3/13 Victory Theater - San Diego, (CA) w/ Magisterial, Memorial, Vaginals, Asha Sheshadri, Technomania Circus 7:30pm $7
3/15 SXSW Wardenclyffe - Austin, (TX) w/ Galapagos, Total Unicorn, Pong, Funerals + more! 8:30
3/16 SXSW House Of Commons - 2610 Rio Grande, Austin (TX) Redefine Magazine Showcase w/ Midday Veil, AU, Royal Baths + more!! All Day FREE SHOW! Swahili plays around 7ish
3/21 The Holland Project - Reno, (NV) w/ Schizopolitans 7:30 $5
2/21 Holocene - Portland, (OR) w/ Grimes and Born Gold 8:30 $10

12/1 Holocene - Portland, (OR) w/ Midday Veil, Os Ovni, Datura Blues 8:30 $5
11/18 The Black Lodge - Seattle, (WA) w/ Rose Windows 9:00 $7
10/20 Holocene - Portland, (OR) w/ Billions and Billions and Jewelry Rash 8:30 $5
9/23 Escalator Fest @ Lo-Fi Performance Gallery Seattle, (WA) This Blinding Light, Midday Veil, Fruiting Bodies and Lunar Grave
8/25 Holocene w/ Midday Veil (WA), Golden Retriever, Black Science, Billions and Billions
8/4 Mississippi Studios w/ Psychic Feline and Nucular Aminals

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During the three-year journey from their first record to their latest, Portland's Swahili have traversed a wide range of territories, both personal and musical. Their self-titled release was an inwards-reaching, noisy and droning exploration into their collective psyches – but on their forthcoming, Swahili shed their mysterious black cloaks to step out in colorful regalia, shimmering with fabric woven from the global pop world. Inspired by cavernous dub, late '70s space disco, and moody post-punk, Swahili's new material is a swirling merge of the band's refined heightened sensibilities towards electronic music and lessons learned from six years of evolution as a musical family.

Listen to "Vestal" on Soundcloud

"Vestal" offers the first peek into Swahili's sound. The track pays joyous homage to the act of dissembling and reintegrating oneself after any great journey into the psyche.

"Reading Philip K. Dick's Valis kind of snapped everything I was thinking about at that time into a thematic grid," explains stunning frontwoman Van Pham. "Like the book, 'Vestal' is very much about the flawed and unsupportable tendency of seeking redemption through another person. Every human being has their misgivings and their problems, but in that, there's a sort of beauty, as well."

Swahili never set out to make a pop record – but they did want the challenge of putting the hypnotic haze of their past into focus. The band spent countless hours delving into the intricacies of their instruments, studying traditional R&B and pop structures to improve their musicianship, and experimenting in their home studio to create the most polished output possible. In stepping up as musicians, they've replaced their seven-minute drones with melodies and song structures that undulate with constant dynamic interplay. Rhythms and synths, wide and varied, find expression in both analog and digital form; patterns form and break so that no two songs sound alike. The crystal clarity of Pham's girlish vocal flurries and diva-like crescendos are the driving force, set atop subtle experiments in cadence and multi-layered harmony.

Swahili's first record conceptualizes one's initiation into his or her true purpose, by way of self-discovery and the use of psychedelics. Their new material pays joyous homage to the necessary fragmentation and reintegration of oneself after any great soul exploration, even if that means dedication to a glittering end product the band themselves never could have predicted.


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